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Old Gold...

by Cheryl Minnier

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She sits in silent misery.

Confusion colors all she sees.

The sights, the sounds, the smell of fear,

all seem concentrated here.

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"The kids have gone." "There is no time."

They brought her here to leave behind.

The ghost of those who died alone

have now replaced the home she's known.

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She kept her family safe all those years.

No creeping threat escaped her ears.

So much love left to give,

she has fears to vanquish, slights to forgive.

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Will all that end in this cold, sterile place?

Will the light slowly fade from this lovely white face?

A couch, just a piece, and a spot in the sun,

is all that she asks. She needs no "room to run".

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Into rescue she comes, her hopes rise anew.

But how many young faces obscure the view,

of a home of her own, a family to love?

Of a chance to start over, a way to rise above?

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Can you find in your home a place for her to live?

In return she will give, all in her power to give.

In Old Gold you will find a treasure so grand,

that the gift will be yours. Will you please understand?...

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...that Seniors are special, the best that is Gold.

Their gratitude endless, as their spirit unfolds,

and they start to recover the joy that they knew,

'cause they know in their hearts...

      that their savior...

       is you.

Copyright, Cheryl Minnier, 2002. All rights reserved. You are listening to "Beautiful in My Eyes" by Joshua Kadisson

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