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AVGRR is a small rescue. We work diligently to raise the funds needed to continue our work. Without the generosity of our members and the community, we could not continue this vital work. All rescue donations go directly to care for the dogs we receive.  If you would like to remember someone special (human or canine), please consider a Memorial Donation.

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Autumn Valley GRR has always placed a special emphasis on Senior Goldens (8 and older). Why not visit our Seniors Page for a look at why "Old Gold" is the "Best Gold"



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Rescue Store! Note: due to limited supplies for some items, please contact Gayle before placing an order.

Officers: President; Gayle Haak, Vice President; Karen Derrick, Treasurer; Kelly Wakeman, Secretary; Janet Hansen, Corresponding Secretary; Spring Overbeck, Board Members: Carol Dunn, Dave Overbeck, Heather Lashier, Leslie Stethers

Autumn Valley rescue dogs are placed only after a completed application is received and a home visit is completed. The available dogs listed are subject to change. Remember, a new family member is worth waiting for!


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Snuggles was rescued from a shelter where he was 

scheduled to be euthanized. He is now at home in Ct. where

his new Mom writes:

 We just picked Snuggles up yesterday and it was love at first sight.  Look at the new trick he taught all by himself!!!
Today he enjoyed playing in his new yard and even took a swim in the pool.  He seemed to be a natural.
Thank you so much!

Snuggles todayMvc-012f.jpg (17839 bytes) Snuggles when rescued

Boomer (formerly Sooner)

Boomer is a 15 (Yes, that's right - 15!) year old Golden turned into rescue by his former family. Sometimes, words just fail me...

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Brandy II - adopted

Brandy II is a sweet senior girl. She is 9 1/2 but has the activity level of a 5 year old. She was removed from a home by authorities along with 2 cats, when they were found living in deplorable conditions. She was overweight and covered with sores from fleas and poor diet. Her skin has improved tremendously and she is full of energy. She has lovely manners and is happy as long as she has a woobie in her mouth. 

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Connor adopted!

Connor! needs an exclamation point after his name because he approaches life with such enthusiasm that he will always be Connor! to us.

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Carson the Cutie. (adopted)

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Ruger (adopted)

Ruger is an 8 year old owner turn-in due to a divorce.
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Reggie! (adopted)

Reggie is  a Golden/Cocker Spaniel mix

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Isabella (Izzy) adopted!

Isabella is less than a year old and has already had her first litter of puppies. She has now been spayed and is enjoying life in her new home.

Zane (adopted!)

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Brandy has appointed herself Queen. As such, she does not like other dogs in her universe. She is seven, although as Matriarch, she also does not like to discuss her age. She prefers to rule the roost as an only dog, however she has placed no limits on the number of human subjects she will accept - the more the merrier! You can see her response below when asked if she is willing to share her toys!

Brandyface.jpg (12809 bytes)  

Phoenix (adopted!)

Phoenix is an owner turn in who had to be given up due to a divorce. Phoenix is 9 and loves to swim! She is quite spry, I guess no one has told her she's supposed to be a Senior Citizen...

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Old Joe (adopted)

Old Joe came to us from a couple who could not keep him. He was a stray that wandered into their home one very cold night. Despite many attempts to find his owner, he was never claimed by anyone. At first Joe was so weak, his age was estimated to be around 11 or 12, but after some TLC and a clean bill of health, we have revised that to 8 or 9. Joe has put on weight and is now bounding around his foster home with the energy of a youngster! Joe has approached his new lease on life with gusto and unlimited cheerfulness. You should see his smile now, but be careful, that white face will steal your heart!

  mvc-004f3.jpg (17415 bytes)


Nemo (Adopted)

Nemo was a 4- 6 month old puppy who was picked up as a stray. He had an old injury to one eye that was never treated and we believe he is blind in that eye. His eye had to be removed. The shelter called another rescue who would not accept Nemo. They then contacted a local breeder and explained that they were so full, that Nemo would be put down as "unadoptable" unless he could be rescued immediately. Thankfully, the breeder called Autumn Valley, who immediately arranged a foster home and transportation. 

Nemo's care was quite expensive. Donations to AVGRR go to help dogs like Nemo and others who would not receive a second chance without rescue.

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Autumn Valley Golden Retriever Club